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Relation Adviser and Directors General participate the ceremony of exporting bricks set manufacturing to Dubai

Reads 892 , 8/17/2015


Today on July7, 2015 with representative of his excellency Minister of trade and Industry, Dear  ( Fathi Mohammad Ali) Relation Adviser Participated the ceremony of exporting bricks set manufacturing  ( central mixer and compressor )  to Emirates Country.

Dear ( Fathi Mohammad Ali ) confirmed in a statement to the attendance on the importance of ( Fadhil ) Company Steps and encouraged them more for this type of initiatives, and in another part of his statement he confirmed on the importance of this type of project in raising the ability and the reputation of Kurdistan Region in the World Level, and reaffirmed on the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for this type of project.

It is worth mentioning that ( Fadhil ) Company produced their equipments with a best quality and before it was selling its products in South and Central of Iraq Markets and now recently reaches first portion of their products to Dubai.  


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