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The Ministry of Trade and Industry finalizes the Course for the employer of small and medium projects in the private sector

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Directorate General of Planning – Directorate of Human Development in coordination with the UNID Organization/  Program of development small and medium projects on September 15, 2015 finalized the 15-day course, which was done by the Ministry in coordination with the UNID Organization, for the employers of private sector (who have small and medium projects or have the concept of founding the new projects.The programme of the Course was on the cooperation of the private sector about how to establish successful projects and how they are managed and familiarized them to the basis of contemporaneity working and raise their expertise in all fields of the Administration and Economy of Quality Control, and how to marketing their products, and also the bank system and guidance of giving loan.

It is worth mentioning that 27 employers in various fields participated the course, at the end of the course the certificates was distributed to the participants.


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