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The Ministry of Trade and Industry clarified for moistening of wheat

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After the unexpected wave rain covered up the Kurdistan Region Several days ago and led to the moistening part of the wheat of farmers, and this disservred, we find it necessary to state  the clarification and facts to the citizen and farmers of Kurdistan Region to state this explanation in order to give assurance that this weather was not highly damaged, News and Media continued to store received wheat scientifically.
In the area of the former regime not interested in the establishment of a strategic project in the cities of the Kurdistan Region including building Silo, and previously there was the ability of storing the (31) thousand tons of wheat only, but in the past in cooperation with the concerned authorities, The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kurdistan Region with implementation of many of the plans and constructing new Silo have raised the ability of the receiving and storing of wheat to (580) thousand tons.
One of the other of our plans to store the wheat with low cost and finished it in a short time, it was building the (31) pancker in the silos of Kurdistan Region which is supposed to be completed at the beginning of month (8), because of the financial crisis and the lack of adequate budget this work was somewhat postponed, but now fortunately these panckers completed in the governorate of Erbil and Duhok and stored wheat and those of Sulaimanya Governorate will be in the next several days.
The budget of building these panckers which have a great benefit for the  storage of wheat and maintaining it from spoilness, which have been equipped with money from the sale of (bran) , and previously without any legal reason that money returned to Baghdad, means it was outside the budget of Kurdistan Region , but at the time of sale bran income entered on the account of Region banks by the Ministry of Finance and spent for the other daily needs of government,  and this led to the reason not to give advance of contractors in time and postpone the implementation and completion of pancker projects to more than a month.
The finincial crisis and the lack of cash money in the banks led to a lack of our ability to provide the tent and overlying enough to cover this year’s wheat, to treat this problem we officially  requested the Iraqi Ministry of Trade in our meeting, for this they promised to treat and meet the needs in the nearest time.
Annually according to the directions and the special program, convey the grain and cereal of the Kurdistan Region to Baghdad, but about two years because of ISIS war and the deterioration of relations between the Region and Baghdad, less amount of wheat conveyed to other governorates in southern Iraq, and this has resulted in a high proportion of wheat and barley in the Kurdistan Region stores.
In addition annually according to the directions that we received from Baghdad, we must cover wheat on September 15,in order to cover in late time and this for the purpose of non-wheat damage due to heat, because if it covered before this date thus re-damage risk for the wheat, but this year due to unexpected changes in the weather and early raining aside from that this process is supervised by Baghdad, including  receiving  of wheat, storage, conveying and funding of the farmers is the burden of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq Government, but we always have to monitor the detailed and continuous follow-up of the process in order to keep of storing the wheat and taking the rights of farmers from the Region of Kurdistan.
On this year the receiving of wheat increased by 30% compared to last year, Means increased from 700 thousand tons to more than 902 thousand tons, Although by completion silos of   ( Piramagroon and SaidSadiq ) and building of (31 ) panckers in the Kurdistan Region increased wheat storage ratio of more than (220 ) thousand tons of wheat compared to last year.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry continuous attempts for building a new Silo to receive more quantity of the wheat of farmers annually, and store in a protected place, Therefore it built   a Silo of Rania which have the ability to store (40) thousand tons of cereal which is under the implementation and in final stages for completion and scheuled to receive in the beginning of the month (10) of this year, also the project of 2 siolos in Chamchamal and the governorate of Duhok under implementation, each of them have the ability to store (40) thousand tons of wheat, and there is a plan to built another Silo in Kalar, Halabja, Zakho and……….etc but now we can not implement them due to financial crisis and make the effort of trying to search for other solutions.
In spite of these clarifications, we show the citizens of Kurdistan and farmers that the past few days of raining waves did not affect much on the wheat of farmers, because scientifically after wetting the wheat from the lower it will damage, but now because this rain moistened the quantity of wheat above with a little layer, and this will dries by air and a few heat from the sun and does not damage and disserve.


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