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Development Course for Small and Medium Projects in the Directorate General of Planning

Reads 532 , 4/23/2017

Directorate General of Planning – Directorate of Human Development in Coordination with the UNID Organization /Development Program for small and medium Projects. On  November14, 2016 the 15 days course has been done by our Ministry in coordination with the mentioned Organization, for private sector employers     (for those who have small and medium projects or the concepts of establishing the new projects). The course program in collaboration with the private sector, included how to establish a successful project, how to manage and familiarize it with the modern standard of working, raise their experience in all areas of management, Finance and quality control as well the Banking System and guidance for the granting of debt.
It is worth mentioning that (19) employers in several different fields participated in the course, and at the end the Certificates were distributed to participants by Dear the Director General.


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