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The Minister of Trade and Industry supervises over the general meeting of the Ministry

Reads 553 , 4/23/2017

Today on (December12, 2016) Dear Dr. Ali Sindi, The Acting Minister of Trade and Industry held a general meeting with the Ministry's Advisers and Directors General.
At the meeting, mentioned about how the Ministry's works and daily Affairs are managed and how to solve problems.
The meeting was about the delivery of the position, the retirement of Dear (Aziz Ibrahim Abdo) the former Director General of the Ministry and the start of the new Director General (Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee).
At the meeting, they were thanked and appreciated the former Director General and the ability of carry out the work successfully through the duration of his work, and his role is highly appreciated, Also the work of the Divan of the Ministry was handed over to the new Director General by His Excellency the Minister in order to provide more services to the KRG Ministry of Trade and Industry.


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