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Delegation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Regional Government participated in the discussion of legal projects of Industrial Cities and Towns in Jordan

Reads 645 , 4/23/2017

Delegation from the KRG Ministry of Trade and Industry, under the supervision of the Director General of Divan of the Ministry participated in the Conference, for the purpose of participating in the Conference and to discuss the legal project of Industrial Cities and Towns in Jordan,
The Delegation under the supervision of (Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee) The Director General of Divan of the Ministry, in Cooperation and Coordination of UNIDO Organization participated in the discussion which has been held in Jordan on (January22-24, 2017), In the Conference, Dear Director General of Divan have presented for attendances several opinions, views and the recently situation of the Industry of the Kurdistan Region, and the exchange of views and ideas were among the other discussion of the Ministry activities.After the discussion, the delegation returned successfully and provides all useful information and topics that were presented at the Conference to the related Authorities in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.




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